Frequently asked questions

What is an integrative Counsellor?

Integrative counselling is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. At the heart of my practice, I believe that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations. Rather, each person needs to be considered as a whole and counselling techniques must be tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances - making it arguably a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of counselling or psychotherapy.

How long does each session last?

All sessions last up to 50 minutes.

How often should I have sessions?

Sessions are usually held weekly, however you may, over time, feel like a session every fortnight is all you need. It’s up to you.

How do I pay for Counselling sessions?

A secure payment link will be provided to you by email or text ahead of each session. I use a provider called SumUp and you can read more about them here.

Feel free to get in touch with me for counselling and psychotherapy in Solihull or online.

Get in touch

It is often helpful to start with an informal, no-obligation telephone call to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling and whether it could be helpful for you. It is also an opportunity to have a sense of whether I am the right counsellor for you and if I think I can help with the issues you bring. Alternatively, please fill out the booking form to arrange a call back at a time that suits you.

All enquiries are usually answered within 24 hours and all contact is strictly confidential, using secure telephone and email services. If it is not appropriate, for any reason for me to leave a message, please advise of this and provide specific times when it is suitable to contact you.

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